To understand the beauty within Jennifer’s creations is to understand the inspiration behind them. Jennifer was first inspired as a child by watching her grandfather Paul peacefully painting canvas with beautiful landscapes, flora, and portraits. “My brother, twin sister and I would watch him for hours as the Yankees played in the background.” Even today, as Jennifer works, she paints her scarves alongside her grandfather’s venerable drawing table where she keeps her swatches or “recipe books” of all her ideas and drawings. Her designs are mostly inspired by the brilliance of nature itself. Additionally, family, being the cornerstone of Jennifer’s motivation, continues to drive her after all these years. Jennifer creates her line in a beautiful light soaked spacious studio filled with the view of trees, flowers, and water that was designed by her incredibly supportive father Dave.

“So life has come full circle and my assistants are no longer strangers, but my teenage daughter Jade, who paints alongside me and is beginning to design her own scarves. I am no longer in a basement but I am in a beautiful studio where inspiration comes alive; and now I don’t listen to the Yankees but to Pandora. A picture of my grandfather sits high on a shelf with a few quotes above that once hung over his drawing table.” — A man is not as old as long as he is seeking something.

Right now, Jennifer is seeking the birds who gracefully perch outside her window.